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Febooti ieZoom toolbar 1.5

Febooti ieZoom toolbar 1.5: Zoom internet pages, shrink to fit print web pages, resize web browser. Internet Explorer toolbar - browsers / webmasters tool to zoom in and zoom out internet pages, zoom web sites, antialiased zoom. Auto fit web page width to printer page. Pick colors using html color names (x11, Netscape v.3, web safe colors), access web color charts for web safe html color codes (HEX color codes, RGB color codes) and html color names. Resize browser window using presets. Fix PDF.OCX bug and adjust IE concurrent download streams.

Colors Builder 1.0: Formation of sets of  palettes for web-design
Colors Builder 1.0

Colors Builder" is intended for creation of harmonious color circuits for web-site and formation of sets of palettes for web-design. Opportunities of a choice of primary colour from a palette of colors are included in the program: using Windows dialogue, from scale of the colors generated by the program and "manual" input hexadecimal HTML codes of color. The program visually allows to select color scales from chosen (primary) colour with smooth transition

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CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3: Create stunning CSS scrollbar color themes for Internet Explorer and Opera fast
CSS Scrollbar Color Designer 3

colors, you get to choose how the Renegade CSS Scrollbar Color Designer shows them. Use pure HEX colors, pure RGB color values, or use named colors with HEX or RGB for unnamed colors. You get your colors how you like them. When you are happy with your colors, save your CSS scrollbar colors to a CSS file or just copy and paste the code into your web site files. And if you already have nice scrollbar colors, you can import them from CSS, HTML, HTM,

web design, scroll bar colors, scrollbar, scrollbars, opera, internet explorer, colors

Crayon Box 1.0: Organize your color lists and generate the html color codes with Crayon Box.
Crayon Box 1.0

colors and your color lists! Use for any project where you need to keep track of colors. Unlimited color lists and unlimited colors. Whether you`re just starting out developing websites and need a tool to help you generate color codes, or you are a seasoned professional web developer and you need to organize all the colors you use in the project, Crayon Box is for you. You can easily track the colors you`ve used so that your website will look right

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Private Label Color Picker 2.1: Resell rights private label color picker software
Private Label Color Picker 2.1

colors for your websites, programs or office applications. It displays HTML, RGB, VB and Decimal color codes for each selected color. You can see the last 18 colors you have selected in order to pick the colors that match best! Select from millions of colors! 18 color history lets you see how colors match! Displays colors in RGB, Decimal, VB and HTML color codes! Templates for 256 web-safe colors! Save your colors to the program pallette to use them

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Style One 2.02

colors, background graphics and colors, margins, spacing and more. Style One lets you create each style once, store it once, and reference it from all of your web pages, giving your web site a consistent, professional look. Web development time is reduced because you can define your styles once, and use them in all of your web pages. And since the style definitions are stored efficiently in one place, your web pages are smaller and will load more

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ColorPic 4.1: The Professional Color Picker: Powerful color adjustment tools and 100% Free
ColorPic 4.1

ColorPic is the Free Professional Color Picker. Powerful color adjustment tools let you change individual colors with ease. Adjust RGB, Hue, Saturation and Color Values with four graphical mixers. View CMYK printing colors. Use the screen magnifier for perfect accuracy. Save multiple palettes of colors for use in any application. Invaluable for any graphic designer or web developer, ColorPic is the most popular free color picker on the web.

colorpicker, saturation, cmyk, colour, green, chip, color, free, blue, palettes, magnifier, screen, picker

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